300 AMP Booster Cable Battery Cable Jump Cables Jump Leads with Surge Protection

Product Details

Product Details

Title:300AMP boostercable with surge protection







Red & Black

Main Materials


Pack Style

Zipper Bag+Paper Card




Strongly cable connected

High & Low temperature resistance

High quality 

Competitive price

jump lead batteries in cars, trucks, snowmobiles, ATVs, within 12/24 Volt



Port:shanghai or ningbo

How to Jump a Car

Step 1

Drive the running automobile as close as you can to the car with the dead battery, hood to hood if possible.

Step 2

Turn off the engines and power of both cars, put them in park and raise their hoods.

Step 3

Locate the battery in each car and the positive and negative terminals.

Step 4

Wipe the area around the terminals clear of dirt and battery acid, being careful not to allow it to come in contact with your skin.

Step 5

Jumper cables

Connect one clamp of one end of the jumper cable to the positive terminal of the dead battery. Then connect the corresponding clamp at the other end to the positive terminal of the good battery.

Step 6

Connect the other cable clamp to the negative terminal of the dead battery. Then, connect the other end to the negative terminal of the good battery.

Step 7

Turn the ignition on of the car with the good battery. Make certain that the lights and radio are off. Allow the car to run for a few minutes, then turn it off.

Step 8

Attempt to start the dead battery car.

Step 9

Turn the functioning car on again. If the dead battery didn't kick start the car, while the functioning car was off, you need to turn on the ignition while the car is running. Give the good car a moment or two to charge the batteries, then start the car with the bad battery as you normally would. It should turn right over.


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